Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bronx Doctor Only Survivor After 3 Die in LI Murder-Suicide

A doctor who practiced in The Bronx was the only one of four victims to survive her estranged husband's shooting rampage yesterday at their former home on Long Island. 40-year-old family practitioner Haleh Mohseni is in stable condition and expected to live after her husband, 49-year-old Mohamed Shojaeifardshowed, showed up at the house his wife was moving out of and fatally shot Mohseni's mother, the couple's daughter and then killed himself. The murder-suicide rocked the quiet town of Roslyn, with the police commissioner saying, "It's very unusual that we have three, possibly four people shot dead."

Witnesses say that Shojaeifard showed up at the house yesterday morning and got in an argument with his wife when he spotted moving trucks clearing her things out of the home. The two had been separated for a year and had an impending divorce. He then returned with a gun inside a case and opened fire around 12:30 p.m. While most neighbors told reporters that the shooting came as a complete shock, the Post talked to one who said that Shojaeifard had been a menace to the family. The neighbor said, "He was really violent and kept the mother and daughter as prisoners. The daughter was scared to go to school sometimes because she came covered in bruises. He moved four blocks away, but he drove by all the time, stalking them. It was creepy."