Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beverly man gets 22 years in plot to murder wife, daughter, mother-in-law

Orlowski was going through a divorce and had been jailed on charges that he violated a restraining order when he began seeking out someone who could kill his estranged wife, his 65-year-old mother-in-law and his own 9-year-old daughter. He reached out to a former fellow inmate, a member of the notorious Crips street gang.

He offered to pay $2,000 for the job, instructing the hit man to make it look like a drug-related home invasion, and gave him a map of the home and directions.

"It's got more to do with my wife than anything," Orlowski told the inmate, who, troubled by the request to kill a child, had secretly gone to authorities. "The tree's got to be cut down. Everything has to start anew."