Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So-called 'Drew' law upheld in Peterson case

Peterson is charged with murdering Savio, 40, who drowned in her bathtub in March 2004. He has remained in the Will County jail on a $20 million bond since his May 7 arrest. Prosecutors said Peterson killed Savio because he faced financial devastation from the couple's ongoing divorce as he tried to begin a new life with his fourth wife, Stacy - with whom he had an extramarital affair - and their baby. They said Peterson even offered a state witness $25,000 to kill Savio months before her death.

The media fervor grew after Stacy vanished in October 2007 amid their marital troubles. Stacy has never been found. Peterson has not been charged with her disappearance, which sparked authorities to reinvestigate Savio's death.

Peterson, who maintains his innocence, is due back in court Oct. 29.