Thursday, June 17, 2010

North Naples man indicted on six counts of murder

Detectives say that Damas told an FBI agent while he was being held in Haiti that he killed his wife and children because she said she was going to divorce him.

Damas, according to a statement by Collier County sheriff’s Det. Andrew Henchesmoore, told FBI special agent Peter Kolshorn that on the night of Sept. 17, Guerline said again “that she was going to leave him and he became angry.”

Damas, said Henchesmoore, grabbed a knife, got a rope and tied up his wife and put tape over her mouth.

Guerline, said Henchesmoore, motioned she wanted to speak to her husband, so he removed the tape.

“Guerline told Mesac that she loved him and begged him not to hurt the children,” Henchesmoore said.

Damas said he had second thoughts but then “bad spirits” took over.

Damas told the FBI agent that he killed Guerline with the knife because he knew she would call the police if he let her go, Henchesmoore said.