Saturday, September 26, 2009

Turner's Son, On Stand, Describes Couples' Relationship

MOCKSVILLE, N.C. -- The 23-year-old son of a local dentist charged in his wife's murder took the stand Tuesday afternoon, describing the relationship between his mother and father.

Kirk Turner's daughter, Wendy (blond hair at left), is seen wiping tears as prosecutors show graphic images during her father's murder trial. More

Kirk Turner's son, Gilbert "Ritchie" Turner, who has supported his father account of the incident, had been summoned as a prosecution witness.

"All he ever told me is that he remembers little snippets," Ritchie said when asked if his father had spoken to him about the incident. "He told me he wishes he was dead instead of her."

Ritchie went on to say he loved his mother, adding that after his parents separated, his mother wanted him to take sides and alienate his father.