Saturday, September 26, 2009

500 million divorcees in India by 2050

OVER 50 per cent of all marriages are breaking in all the metros and if this number is extrapolated and adjusted with population growth we are looking at over 500 million divorcees by the year 2050. Litigants in divorce cases go through depressions lasting decades as they fight it out in the glacially slow Indian judiciary system. The women in divorce cases are far better than men because their viciousness and unscrupulousness is rewarded by the Indian judiciary. The less said about the condition of men the better. They are considered expendable by judiciary.

The condition of men in India is much more deplorable than women. Although they contribute more than 80 per cent of the nation's taxes, their tax money is channeled by the government to make laws that are so horribly biased and one sided that over 120000 men have committed suicide than knocking the doors of justice.

The number of men committing suicide are twice the number of women each year and even then the government does not allocate any money for welfare schemes of men . Now, if we extrapolate the problems stated above and apply them to 500 million people we can see ourselves the kind of devastation we are looking at 50 years from now.