Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 dead in Thousand Oaks murder-suicide

Two children found dead by their mother in a Thousand Oaks apartment were murdered by their father, who later committed suicide, according to authorities.

Jason Mulvaney, 12, and Jennifer Mulvaney, 7, were allegedly killed by their father in their bedrooms. Their bodies had multiple stab wounds from a large knife that was found inside the home. Their murders probably occurred sometime during the night of Tues., Sept 15 or early the following morning while they were sleeping, said Capt. Ross Bonfiglio of Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

Their father, James Mulvaney, 52, was found dead in the apartment’s living room area. He is thought to have committed suicide after 2 p.m. Sept. 16, Bonfiglio said.

“It is believed James Mulvaney overdosed on prescription medication, but we will have to wait three to four months for the toxicology reports to verify that,” said deputy medical examiner Michael Tellez.

Jennifer Mulvaney Jennifer Mulvaney The children’s parents had recently been divorced and were fighting a custody battle, according to court records. Court documents also show that James Mulvaney had lost his job two weeks ago. He was seeking spousal support from his exwife who, according to court records, made more money than he did when he was working.